Gorodets Ivans tea

The product produced by I. Emelyanov CJSC - "Ivans Tea" - is known in Russia for more than eight centuries.

This drink is mentioned in ancient Russian manuscripts, it was drunk even during the construction of Moscow, it was known and loved by Europe. Even England, the country that owned Ceylon and India, fell in love with Ivans tea for its unique taste and medicinal properties.

Gorodets Ivans tea is a completely natural herbal remedy, which has a soft revitalizing effect on the total body. Brewing a cup of flavory fragrant drink, you let nature itself naturally and effectively help you cope with a wide variety of ailments.

A sweet drink with its pleasant tart aftertaste can raise your life to a new quality level. Just try replacing the usual cup of coffee or the popular today green tea with the freshly-baked Gorodets Ivans tea. In a very short time you will notice the dramatic changes that are going on with your body and soul.


Benefits of Gorodets Ivans tea

 Contains a large amount of vitamin C. 7 times more than in lemon! 

 Gorodets Ivans tea Contains many useful micronutrients: iron, copper, nickel, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese.

 Unlike other tea, it does not contain caffeine and oxalic acid, so it does not interfere with the metabolic processes of the body.

 Contains easily digestible protein, which fills the body with energy and vivacity, restores strength and increases vitality.

 Thanks to a group of B vitamins, Gorodets Ivans tea is useful for peace of mind and good sleep.

 Gorodets Ivans tea contains essential oils, so all useful properties are stored in tea for up to three days!


Gorodets Ivans tea is allowed to drink at will of your soul - there will not be an overdose or side effects. At the same time, you will become more successful, less cry over spilt milk and enjoy every day even more! 


Bring water to boiling (not more than 80 degrees when bubbles begin to break away from the bottom). Prepare two earthenware teapots – a large and a smaller one.

Pour into a small pot one teaspoon of Gorodets tea (per a glass of water), pour boiling water and infuse for 7 to10 minutes. Then pour into a large pot and infuse once more for 7 to 10 minutes.

To enhance taste and medicinal qualities dried berries, mint or melissa can be added to the first brew.

Unused tea can be stored in the refrigerator - its properties are not lost.

A cup of warm Ivans Tea with honey before bed ensures you a relaxing and quick sleep.  

Try Gorodets Ivans tea. Do not be afraid to change your life for the better!


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